About e25


What is e25 and how is it related to Emaar?

e25 is an innovation platform established by Emaar with the goal of creating multiple startups integrated into Emaar that would shape its future. The e25 partners report to the Innovation and Business Improvement team. Think of yourself as an entrepreneur and Emaar as the VC fund.


What does an e25 partner do?

An e25 partner is like a startup founder. Their role is to come up with a different way of doing business and implement it. From idea generation to execution, an e25 partner does it all.


What are some of the current projects that e25 is working on? Do I work on my existing idea or on a new one? Do I work individually?

We are working on ideas across real estate, sustainability, investments, e-commerce, construction among many others. If you believe your idea is worth pursuing, you will get a chance to develop it further if Emaar is on board. You can also work on a new idea or join a team already working on an idea. Typically you would not be working alone but there are no rules on team size.

Application Process


Is there any age limit for applying? How many times can I apply?

Yes, you should be 25 years old or younger at the time of applying. You can only apply once to the e25 program.


What is the application process like? What am I being evaluated on in an interview?

Typically, you go through 3 rounds of interviews. The 1st round is with 2 partners from e25, the second and third are with senior managers and directors from the Innovation team at Emaar. You are evaluated on the basis of your personality, business acumen and intelligence. You need to be a team player and someone who thrives under uncertainty.


How should I present my business idea? When should I present it?

You are required to submit a brief summary of your business idea along with the application. Please limit this to 1000 words.

Next, you will be presenting your business idea in greater detail during the interview in the form of a presentation.



Are you taking interns?

Unfortunately, we do not accept internship applications at the moment.


How long till I hear back from you? What if I don’t receive one?

We typically check your application within a week of submission and you will hear back on the status of your application within a week of the interview. If you don’t receive one, be assured that your application has been considered and the absence of call is not a reflection on your credentials and passion.


Are you looking for any specific background? (a.k.a. Do I need to know how to build a tower?)

We are open to all educational backgrounds - Engineering, Medicine, Business, Maths, Arts, Science, Psychology, Languages among many others. If you are under 25, smart, fun, have a flair for business and are passionate about changing the world - you have a shot at being e25 partner.